Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gangs in the United States

List of gangs in the United States

Notable Gangs in the United States include:


* Black P. Stones
* Bloods
* Crips
* Gangster Disciples
* People Nation
* Folk Nation
* Vice Lords


* Temple Street
* 18th Street
* Florencia 13
* Clanton 14
* Dominicans Don't Play
* Maniac Latin Disciples
* Mara Salvatrucha
* ñetas
* Norteños
* Sureños
* La Raza
* Satan Disciples
* Spanish Cobras
* Latin Kings
* Longos
* ABK (Anybody Killa)
* Sherman Heights (27th St. & 21st. ST.)
* Logan Heights (30th St. & Red Steps)
* Shelltown (Gama St. Boys)
* Wap Town
* Diablos
* Whittier 13

-varrio alcapone(boyle heights) -Deciples -Eastside (East side San Diego-ESD) -South East Locos(San Diego) -OTNC(Old Town National City) -West Side Sur13 (San Diego) -Townsmen (El Cajon) -Orphans (El Cajon) -El Cajon Dukes -Varrios Unidos (El Cajon) (VU) -Imperial Dukes -Varrio Chula Vista (VCV) -OTSD (Old Town San Diego) -Mission Bay Locos (San Diego) I grew up in the Willowbrook area of Compton near the Willowbrook railroad tracks in the 1960s. At that time, the Florence 13 Gang (F13) was already a long established and large Hispanic Gang from the "Florence" area of South Central Los Angeles. It was a rival to the Hispanic Compton Varrio Tres (CV3), Tortilla Flats (TF), Hickory Street, Grape Street, Elm Street, Watts Jardin (Watts Garden), Lynwood Paragons, Ochentas (80's), and Colonia Watts local street gangs. Florence also sometimes "rumbled" with White Fence and other East and Central Los Angeles gangs, not to mention the continual skirmishes with the surrounding African-American street gangs.

The F13 gang got its name from the major street, Florence Avenue, which runs east and west, parallel and between Imperial Highway and Firestone Boulevard. The name Florence is pronounced Florencia in Spanish. Florence is also a woman's name, so the gang adopted a 50's "doo-woop" song, "Florence" by the Paragons, as its theme song. The song was often requested to be played by DJs like Huggie Boy or Wolfman Jack on the radio to let everybody know Florencia was in town and as an implicit challenge to rivals. The song was also played at Mexican weddings, cincinedas, baptisms, and dances, wherever "Oldies but Goodies" were popular. If Florence gang members were present in any numbers, it often proved a catalyst for fights.


* Gaylords
* Popes
* Royals
* Tunnel Snakes
* Peckerwoods
* Stone Street Boys


* Tiny Rascal Gang
* Asian Boys
* FriscoSide Wah Ching
* Born to Kill
* Satanas
* SZA (Sarzana)
* Flying Dragons
* Asian Killa Boyz
* Vietnamese Boyz
* Bahala Na Gang
* Temple Street PINOY LOCOS
* Pinoy Real
* Westside Islanders

Middle Eastern/North African

* TAP Boyz


* Hells Angels MC
* Outlaws MC
* Bandidos MC
* Pagans MC
* Mongols MC
* Warlocks MC


* Mexican Mafia
* Black Guerrilla Family
* Aryan Brotherhood
* Nuestra Familia
* Nazi Lowriders
* Public Enemy No. 1
* European Kindred
* Texas Syndicate
* Mexikanemi
* the faggots
* Netas